Best Refrigerator Brands: A Brief Explanation On Why LG, Samsung And Bosch Takes The Lead

Refrigerator brands

Refrigerator brands

The best refrigerator brands are selling like hotcakes. Every household needs a refrigerator. Can you imagine how many millions of families there are in this world that has a fridge in their home? Yes it is by the millions, maybe even billions. This is why appliance companies aim to produce the ultimate freezers because they want to be on top. They want to have the biggest slice of all those people.

As clients, we have to pay for the products and services that we need or want. That is how it works. So if you want the best refrigerator brands in your kitchen, you have to pay the price. It is for convenience and comfort which some people view as invaluable. A fridge may be expensive but its price delivers that ease a person desires.

What brands are considered the most popular among buyers?

The following brands are among of the top sellers in the refrigerator industry.

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Bosch

These are not enumerated in order but research proves that these three brands have more than satisfied users all over the globe. Some are a bit pricey but with its price comes the numerous advantages and qualities of the freezer. If you want a more economical freezer of the best refrigerator brands, they produce a much lesser refrigerator when it comes to price tag.


LG has that idea of wanting to make their consumers happy. That was their mission and of course, their immediate goals centered on meeting that particular “desire” to please. In their 50 years of serving people around the world, they have surpassed their mission. Indeed, a majority of consumers are more than satisfied by the innovative products that they introduce to the global market arena.



The LG LFX28968ST is one of the best French door refrigerators LG has to offer. LG has been in the best refrigerator brands list for a number of years now for continuing to produce hi-tech refrigerators that consumers really love. And their price is really competitive. Not that expensive at all.

Going back to the LG LFX28968ST, this particular French door refrigerator costs $2699.99 in their company website. Some lesser quality freezers by other big companies market their French door fridges at $4000 minimum. Why buy a $4000 fridge when there is one at $1000 less and provides more benefits? That is LG’s promise to their clients with their slogan – Life is Good. They want to make your life good by offering economical and technologically advanced appliances.

Why is the LG LFX28968ST included in the best refrigerator brands and models?

This particular freezer has the Good Housekeeping Seal. Not all refrigerators are given that seal of approval. Only those who have passed strict standards of reliability and performance are awarded this honor. (LG has been in service since 1909)

Second, it is equipped with a Smart Inverter Linear Compressor. LG fridge makers are so sure that their freezers are of superior performance because they agree to a 10-year limited warranty. Efficient operation of the compressor is guaranteed.

It is also an Energy Star certificate holder. The Federal Energy Standards is being implemented last 2014 and upon testing, the LG LFX28968ST surpassed it. Only the best refrigerator brands can help save up on your energy bill and consumption.

What else can we find in the LG LFX28968ST?

  • It is a French door refrigerator and can store a lot of food at 28 cubic feet.
  • It has three doors: the bottom is the freezer which you can adjust from soft freeze to perfectly chill while the two side-by-side upper doors are for your fresh foods and beverages.
  • LG Smart Cooling System means food inside the fridge stays fresh longer.
  • It is an ice maker refrigerator but not bulky at all.
  • It has three colors to choose from: smooth white, smooth black and stainless steel.


As one of the best refrigerator brands, Samsung has one priority: to create imaginative products for the betterment of the people, their company and planet Earth. It has been servicing in excellence globally for the last 70 years. With their slogan, “Inspire the World, Create the Future”, they are inspired to be in the top 5 companies by the year 2020 in providing new technology for everyone.



This model is a side-by-side refrigerator which costs $2,299. It also boasts of the Energy Star certificate which means it is a power saver. It costs less in your energy bill consumption as compared to other brands. With this reason alone, it can be considered one of the best refrigerator brands out in the market but the benefits do not stop there.

What else can we find in the Samsung RS22HDHPNSR?

  • It has 6 bins all in all at 22 cubic feet with side-by-side doors.
  • It is sleek and stylish – just like your counter in depth; it can match well with your kitchen cabinets.
  • They have the Twin Cooling Plus feature which means dry foods get less freezer burn making it better tasting even when in longer freeze mode. The other half is its high levels of humidity, making the veggies and fruits extend its shelf life.
  • As one of the best refrigerator brands, it is digital. Filtered water and ice maker, you are sure to drink clean water and have iced beverages anytime you want at the touch of a button.
  • Colors available are black, white and steel.


For 125 years, Bosch has committed to inventing only the best products for consumer use. From household appliances to car parts, Bosch has proven to captivate their consumers by significantly improving their way of living. The company even has its own charitable program to assist the less fortunate.



The Bosch B22CT80SNS is worth $2999, being a French door refrigerator, that price is a big “thumbs up”. It was among of the best refrigerator brands of 2014 simply because homeowners have experienced first-hand how it works. The whole point here is customer satisfaction and for that, the BOSCH B22CT80SNS has delivered its purpose.

What else can we find in the BOSCH B22CT80SNS?

  • It is a 3-door type French refrigerator at almost 22 cubic feet.
  • It has LED lighting inside which promotes power saving benefits.
  • It makes ice and has a filtered water dispenser inside the refrigerator.
  • The built-in shelves promote spill-proof feature.
  • The fridge looks beautiful in steel.

These are only three of the best refrigerator brands in 2014. With the brief explanation of why these brands are on top, you as a buyer will more or less have some information regarding refrigerators. With this, you can make an informed decision.

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