Samsung Refrigerator Reviews


Samsung refrigerators are in these days thanks to a handful of Samsung refrigerator reviews, a lot of people are gaining trust in this Grade A brand. Samsung has been producing quality appliances and more for the last 70 years. Aside from refrigerators, they also have mobile phones, tablets, TV’s, DVD’s, and anything technologically advanced. It competes with other brands, boasts of the same if not above par features at a fraction of the cost. Seriously.

Here is a mini-review of four saleable Samsung fridge-freezers out there. It is not comprehensive but the things mentioned here is enough for you to understand how commendable these products are to be reviewed and checked out. These Samsung refrigerator reviews are from personal research and testimonies. Samsung did not pay for this article.



If you want your wife to kiss you for the next 24 hours, then, buy her the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR/AA refrigerator. For one, it is a 4-door French door refrigerator. Most homes these days are into multi-door fridges. Gone are the days where the fridge has only two divisions.

This fridge guarantees a 28 bag grocery capacity. It has a size of 28.15 cubic feet, with 8.35 cubic feet for frozen foods while 18.9 cubic feet for fresh foods. What most customers love about this is the lighting system – it is made of high efficiency LED parts which make it super bright according to other Samsung refrigerator reviews, you can easily find what you are looking for.

It has a Tier 1 CEE rating. What is that? It means Consortium for Energy Efficiency; this particular model is following strict energy efficiency standards at first tier. There are 5 tiers all in all for Energy Star.

For the past 2 years, this model has been tested in terms of functionality. Over 15,000 respondents have claimed that the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR/AA model is worthy of the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award. This is what really matters here, you know. If the users are contented, then, the refrigerator has served its purpose.



Many Samsung refrigerator reviews have commended on this fridge’s large capacity at 29.7 cubic feet. The freezer is 9 cubic feet with FlexZone storage at 4 cubic feet. FlexZone is an adjustable drawer with different temperatures, however you want it. You can store drinks, fruits, meats and anything you like without having to worry about spoilage or melting. You can change the coolness or the frost capacity of each division. Very nice!

The refrigerator has 16.41 cubic feet. It has a filtered water dispenser and it can make 10lbs of ice (crushed or cubed) and store 4lbs at any given time. Samsung refrigerator reviews mentioned that shelves are spill-proof and one out of the 5 shelves can be folded. If you have a tall container for food like a fondant, you can fold the shelf and adjust accordingly.

Samsung RF31FMEDBSR/AA is available in three colors – black, white and stainless steel. This model has the Energy Star certification at CEE rating Tier 1 as well. Energy saving, money saving.

Are you a pizza lover? This particular 4-door French door fridge has a pizza pocket too. It is also worth mentioning that this fridge has been awarded a JD Power Customer Satisfaction certificate. Too many happy users, that is!



Have you heard from Samsung refrigerator reviews about this dual door food showcase refrigerator? Samsung RF30HBEDBSR/AA is a 4-door French door refrigerator which measures at 19.5 cubic feet and has an exterior showcase for on-the-go foods. It means that you do not have to open the whole refrigerator door to get your favorite drink. All you have to do is store it at the exterior showcase area and you can have easy access to it any-time of the day.

This fridge has a freezer capacity of 9 cubic feet while the refrigerator is at 16.41 cubic feet. Like the other two Samsung models already reviewed, this too is a JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award holder and is an Energy Star compliant with CEE rating of Tier 1. Samsung refrigerator reviews reveal that the brand and the company itself is keen on being an Energy Star certificate holder – it shows that Samsung want to help save Mother Earth by involving in energy saving techniques.

The refrigerator is equipped with Twin Cooling Plus™ system. This explains why stored frozen foods are still tasty (lesser freezer burn) and fresh foods are kept fresh for a longer period of time. It also boasts of its stainless steel paneling in the interior of the fridge. The fridge remains cold and temperature keeps the food always fresh.



A conservative thirty Samsung refrigerator reviews on this particular model came out with flying colors. 22 out of the 30 users gave Samsung RF25HMEDBSR/AA five over five stars (5 stars) while the remaining 8 scored it at 4 stars. Still, if 5 stars rating is perfect, then, 4 stars is excellent! There were no 1-star rating for this particular fridge, and why is that? The answer is simple. It is the best.

Energy Star compliant, CEE rating Tier 1 and has the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award. But what most people are not aware of is that this model was the first unit ever approved of the 2014 Federal Energy Standards. When it comes to saving power consumption, Samsung just tops it all. The Samsung refrigerator reviews were spot on and honest.

24.73 cubic feet total with a freezer capacity of 7.32 cubic feet and a refrigerator area of 13.98, this fridge is compact but has a lot of storage capability. This can be a family fridge because of its drawers and convenient for kids handles. The pull out freezer drawer has 4 divisions wherein you can adjust the coolness, one for dad, one for mom and one each for their kids. The same drawer can carry 4 very different types of food like dad’s division can be comprised of salami, bacon, chicken or ham. Mom’s compartment is full of yoghurt and fresh veggies. One drawer, four different storage bins, 4 temperature adjustments all-in-one – a great Samsung refrigerator reviews title.


All these refrigerators are performing at premier criteria. They each are 4-door French door type. As well as that the have all been awarded a CEE rating, Energy Star certificate and the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award. While each model has its similarities, they have positive differences as well. Each caters to a specific group of users. But all are simply outstanding kitchen buddies.

Samsung fridges are not hard to find. In fact, company website prices of these fridges are suggested retail prices. Other appliance shops online sell these are a lower price. You can assess other Samsung refrigerator reviews since some of them offer rebates, a hefty discount and free shipping.

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