LG Refrigerator Reviews: The Best In 4-Door French Door LG Refrigerators


A majority of LG refrigerator reviews as of late has been generally positive. For one, LG sells their innovative appliances at truly affordable prices. Have you seen how much their French door freezers cost? $2699! That is so cheap. But the quality of that super low priced French door fridge is not cheap at all.

A majority of their huge capacity fridges are Energy Star certificate holder. Energy Star is a program by U.S. Energy Protection Agency which aims to lessen air pollution, develop energy security strategies and to cut down on energy use by buildings and products. In short, it is to push for a significant decline in energy use through energy efficient appliances and homes. So, if you read LG refrigerator reviews which says that the particular fridge model is an Energy Star holder, that reason alone is sufficient enough for you to buy it.

How about the non-Energy Star refrigerators from LG?

It does not mean though that if the LG freezer does not have the Energy Star, it is not anymore worth the purchase. It takes a while for the certificate to be received. There will be a lot of testing done to be sure that the refrigerator is energy-efficient. Eventually, all of LG’S freezers will be equipped with the certificate, as this is one of their primary goals.

Which LG French door refrigerators are on the “must-buy” list?

There are not many LG refrigerator reviews on these freezers because they are somewhat newer models. But these are Energy Star compliant freezers and its other features are Grade A, makes you want to have it in your kitchen. Read on and you might just decide to buy one of these incredible 4-Door French door refrigerators.



This is a $3899.99 refrigerator with large capacity for both frozen and fresh foods and yet, it is a counter depth unit. When you say counter depth it means that the freezer is slim in design and it can be inserted anywhere in your kitchen because of its size – it fits right in just like a kitchen counter. One of the LG refrigerator reviews on this freezer says that it can even be dressed up as a counter cabinet. Functional and “pretty” at the same time, right?

Some nice things to say about the LG LMXC23746S…

  • It has the Energy Star!
  • The refrigerator is about 13.5 cubic feet while the freezer is 6.4 cubic feet which makes it 22.7 cubic feet all in all.
  • It dispenses filtered water and makes ice every day if want it to as it can store up to 3 pounds of ice.
  • 10 year limited warranty on linear compressor – amazing!
  • Easy to use, child-safe with its lock system and definitely digital



With a selling price of $2899.99, one of the LG refrigerator reviews on this ice maker freezer positively states: “I always buy an LG because the price is just right. This is my third LG fridge in two decades and so far, I love it!”.

This 4-Door French door refrigerator is boasting the Energy Star certificate. If you notice by now, most freezers from LG are compliant so you can assume that this fridge will save your energy consumption, you will be helping Mother Earth and you will surely have a lower energy bill.

It is a 26.8 cubic feet unit with 17.9 cubic feet allotted for fresh foods and beverage according to LG refrigerator reviews. The remaining 8.9 cubic feet is for frozen foods – there are two pull out drawers at the bottom as freezers.

Some nice things to say about the LG LMXS27626S…

  • The lights inside the refrigerator and freezer are premium LED, super bright.
  • The shelves have this SpillProtector® feature, no more wasted juice, milk or water ever.
  • It has the LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation, so little noise.
  • A dairy corner and 6 bins with 2 of that adjustable to gallon size, this fridge is compact and yet store more than expected.
  • It is in stainless steel color, definitely a freezer/fridge of the future.



At almost 30 cubic feet, this particular 4-Door French door refrigerator with limited LG refrigerator reviews costs $3599.99. This is one giant refrigerator and if you are one who wants an enormous piece of appliance which stores your favorite foods longer at home, you have to get this one right now. It has a CustomChill® drawer at 3.8 cubic feet. The freezer is 8.8 cubic feet while the refrigerator is 17.3 cubic feet. This ice maker freezer is Energy Star holder as well.

You know what Energy Star certificate is already, but you might ask what this CustomChill® drawer can do, right? Well CustomChill® is an innovation by LG which is versatile – it can be a freezer or a refrigerator. All you have to do is adjust the temperature to fit your needs, according to some LG refrigerator reviews.  So if you lack space in your fridge, put the CustomChill® on refrigerator mode and store your fresh food or beverage. The same thing goes for freezer space. The drawer has dividers which you can modify too.

Some nice things to say about the LG LMXS30746S…

  • This refrigerator saves you an additional trip to the grocery because it can store about 30 bags at one time.
  • All ice maker freezers by LG have this Slim SpacePlus™ Ice System – it does not take up much coverage unlike with other brands.
  • Your food may be at the back part of the fridge or in front, it does not really matter because as you will read from LG refrigerator reviews, it has Smart Cooling Plus – cool air anywhere, everywhere within the refrigerator.
  • Warranty is just amazing; 1 year on parts and labor, 7 years of the sealed system ad 10 years limited on the compressor.
  • Perfect for big families.


These three are really remarkable French door refrigerators. One page is not enough to explain how great these 4-Door fridges are. The word to describe it without bias is marvelous. Just telling the truth here; no bluffs, no lies, no fake advertisement but pure honesty on how these freezers work and how their customers feel about using it. LG refrigerator reviews are there to guide any potential buyer so reading is a very important factor if ever you decide to switch to LG. You will be making the best decision if ever.

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